Our company organizes training in the form of lectures combined with workshops, in the form of courses, seminars, or self-study. During the training we use various forms of media (videos, scripts, multimedia presentations) that help in understanding the problems of safety and fire protection.

The program of training and prices are always set individually, based on the nature of your business each time adjusting to a range of orders and expectations.

The subject of our training due to the existing rules and is based on the framework programs contained in Regulation of the Minister of Economy and Labour of 27 July 2004 on training in the field of occupational health and safety.

We have a professional teaching facilities. Our teachers are a group of professionals specialized in the field of occupational health and safety and fire protection, which has many years of professional practice and experience.

We conduct the initial training and periodic safety and health training as:

  • initial training – safety preliminary training
  • periodic stationary safety training for employers, business owners and individuals who hold managerial positions in private and state-owned companies or government offices
  • periodic stationary safety training for the other occupational groups: technical and engineering, administrative-office
  • periodic stationary safety training for blue-collar positions
  • periodic stationary training for manual workers, including workers performing high risk work (physical workers)

With appropriate qualifications, we also provide training for staff designated by the employer to carry out activities in the field of firefighting and evacuation of workers, according to the requirements of the Regulation on Fire Protection. We offer training which will allow you to make employees aware of the dangers which may face and how to effectively counteract and prevent the outbreak and spread of fire. Each course is completed the examination and issuance of certificate of completion of training in the field of health and safety.

To meet the needs of our Customers, we are prepared to carry out additional training for employees and persons in charge of such employees and employers, who in connection with the performance of work are or may be exposed to hazardous working conditions as: biological agents, noise or mechanical vibrations, substances, preparations, factors or technological processes with carcinogenic or mutagenic and asbestos dust.

We also offer trainings includes performing first aid procedures and practical sessions. Our qualified specialists are gained in hospitals and emergency units what provide guarantee the access to experience and practical knowledge. Depend of the Client’s needs, we conduct training as a basic or advanced version.