Our specialty is comprehensive training support for clients in the field of occupational health and safety, legal work protection and fire protection.

We organize trainings in the form of lectures combined with workshops, in the form of courses, seminars, or in a self-managed system.

We also offer a wide range of training dedicated to employees who are or may be exposed to harmful working conditions as well as people managing such employees and employers.

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As part of the services provided by our company, we offer you advice on health and safety and labor law, as well as conducting analyzes and health and safety inspections.

During the audit, a review of the condition in terms of health and safety and compliance with applicable regulations is carried out, and applications are made available to our clients in the form of full post-audit documentation.
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We offer a comprehensive service in the field of health and safety and fire protection.

Our services in the field of occupational health and safety and fire protection services cover the full range of activities required by law, from the HSE training through the creation of relevant documentation on the professional advice to ensure the most optimal solutions.

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Why Us?

In order to meet the needs of our clients, we offer professional performance of entrusted tasks, compliance with applicable laws and confidentiality of all data entrusted to us.

Taking care of the highest quality of services we provide, we are constantly looking for new solutions that combine the development of communication technologies with new trends in business management and best business practices.