As part of the services provided by our company, we offer you advice on health and safety and labor law, as well as the analyzes and the control of health and safety. During an audit carried out a review of the state in terms of safety and regulatory compliance, and proposals are made available to our customers in the form of a full post-audit documentation.

Accordance with current regulations, the employer is obligated to provide employees for permanent use, date instructions on occupational health and safety and fire protection. Each manual prepared by us are based on the information collected for a specific job.

We also provide consulting services in the field of equipping facilities with devices and fire-fighting equipment, signs and warning information.

On request, we conduct fire drills and evacuation test to verify the conditions resulting from the obligation specified in § 13. 1. Regulation of the Ministry of Interior on 21 April 2006 on fire protection of buildings, other buildings and land (Dz. U. No. 80, pos. 563 of 2006).